9.24.1 S12Z Options

The S12Z version of as recognizes the following options:

-mreg-prefix= prefix
You can use the ‘ -mreg-prefix= pfx ’ option to indicate that the assembler should expect all register names to be prefixed with the string pfx .

For an explanation of what this means and why it might be needed, see S12Z Register Notation .

The ‘ -mdollar-hex ’ option affects the way that literal hexadecimal constants are represented. When this option is specified, the assembler will consider the ‘ $ ’ character as the start of a hexadecimal integer constant. Without this option, the standard value of ‘ 0x ’ is expected.

If you use this option, then you cannot have symbol names starting with ‘ $ ’. ‘ -mdollar-hex ’ is implied if the ‘ --traditional-format ’ (see traditional-format ) is used.