The References window shows the results of the last Find References operation. The Find References facility is closely related to the Source Navigator in that it indexes your project and searches for references within the active source code regions.

To activate the References window:

If you have hidden the References window and want to see it again:

To find all references in a project:
  1. Open a source file that is part of the active project, or one of its dependent projects.
  2. In the editor, move the insertion point within the name of the function, variable, method, or macro to find.
  3. Choose Search > Find References or press Alt+R.
  4. CrossStudio shows the References window, without moving focus, and searches your project in the background.

You can also find references directly from the text editor's context menu: right-click the item to find and choose Find References. As a convenience, CrossStudio is configured to also run Find References when you Alt+Right-click in the text editor—see Mouse-click accelerators.

To search within the results:
To set the number of threads launched when finding references:

Increasing the number of threads will complete searches faster, but may reduce the responsiveness of CrossStudio when editing, for example. You should choose a setting that you are comfortable with for your PC. By default, CrossStudio launches 16 threads to search the project and is a good compromise for a desktop quad-core PC.