CrossStudio provides a number of mouse-click accelerators in the editor that speed access to commonly used functions. The mouse-click accelerators are user configurable using Tools > Options.

Default mouse-click assignments
Click Default
Left Not configurable — start selection.
Shift+Left Not configurable — extend selection.
Ctrl+Left Select word.
Alt+Left Execute Go To Definition.
Middle No action.
Shift+Middle Display Go To Include menu.
Ctrl+Middle No action.
Alt+Middle Display Go To Method menu.
Right Not configurable — show context menu.
Shift+Right No action.
Ctrl+Right No action.
Alt+Right Execute Find References.

Each accelerator can be assigned one of the following actions:

Configuring Mac OS X

On Mac OS X you must configure the mouse to pass middle clicks and right clicks to the application if you wish to use mouse-click accelerators in CrossStudio. Configure the mouse preferences in the Mouse control panel in Mac OS X System Preferences to the following: