CrossWorks for MSP430 is a complete C development system for Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

C compiler

CrossWorks C is a faithful implementation of the ANSI and ISO standards for the programming language C. We have added some extensions that enhance usability in a microcontroller environment.

CrossWorks C Library

CrossWorks for MSP430 has its own royalty-free ANSI and ISO C compliant C library that has been specifically designed for use within embedded systems.

CrossStudio IDE

CrossStudio for MSP430 is a streamlined integrated development environment for building, testing, and deploying your applications. CrossStudio provides:

CrossWorks Tools

CrossWorks for MSP430 supplies command line tools that enable you to build your application on the command line and flash it to the target board using the same project file that the IDE uses.