Each copy of CrossWorks must be licensed and registered before it can be used. Each time you purchase a CrossWorks license, you, as a single user, can use CrossWorks on the computers you need to develop and deploy your application. This covers the usual scenario of using both a laptop and desktop and, optionally, a laboratory computer.

Evaluating CrossWorks

If you are evaluating CrossWorks on your computer, you must activate it. To activate your software for evaluation, follow these instructions:

By return you will receive an activation key. To activate CrossWorks for evaluation, do the following:

If you need more time to evaluate CrossWorks, simply request a new evaluation key when the issued one expires or is about to expire.

After purchasing CrossWorks

When you purchase CrossStudio, either directly from ourselves or through a distributor, you will be issued a Product Key which uniquely identifies your purchase

To permanently activate your software:

By return you will receive an activation key. Then, complete the activation process:

As CrossWorks is licensed per developer, you can install the software on any computer that you use such as a desktop, laptop, and laboratory computer, but on each of these you must go through activation using your issued product key.