The Terminal Emulator window contains a basic serial-terminal emulator that allows you to receive and transmit data over a serial interface.

To activate the Terminal Emulator window:
To use the terminal emulator:
  1. Set the required terminal emulator properties.
  2. Connect the terminal emulator to the communications port by clicking the button on the toolbar or by selecting Connect from the shortcut menu.

Once connected, any input in the Terminal Emulator window is sent to the communications port and any data received from the communications port is displayed on the terminal.

Connection may be refused if the communication port is in use by another application or if the port doesn't exist.

To disconnect the terminal emulator:
  1. Disconnect the communications port by clicking the Disconnect icon on the toolbar or by right-clicking to select Disconnect from the shortcut menu.

This will release the communications port for use in other applications.

Supported control codes

The terminal supports a limited set of control codes:

Control code Description
<BS> Backspace
<CR> Carriage return
<LF> Linefeed
<ESC>[{attr1};...;{attrn}m Set display attributes. The attributes 2-Dim, 5-Blink, 7-Reverse, and 8-Hidden are not supported.