The following table lists the CWSys object's member functions.

CWSys.appendStringToFile(path, string) appends string to the end of the file path.
CWSys.copyFile(srcPath, destPath) copies file srcPath to destPath.
CWSys.crc32(array) returns the CRC-32 checksum of the byte array array. This function computes a CRC-32 checksum on a block of data using the standard CRC-32 polynomial (0x04C11DB7) with an initial value of 0xFFFFFFFF. Note that this implementation doesn't reflect the input or the output and the result is inverted.
CWSys.fileExists(path) returns true if file path exists.
CWSys.fileSize(path) return the number of bytes in file path.
CWSys.getRunStderr() returns the stderr output from the last call.
CWSys.getRunStdout() returns the stdout output from the last call.
CWSys.makeDirectory(path) create the directory path.
CWSys.packU32(array, offset, number, le) packs number into the array at offset.
CWSys.popup(text, caption) prompt the user with text and return true for yes and false for no.
CWSys.readByteArrayFromFile(path) returns the byte array contained in the file path.
CWSys.readStringFromFile(path) returns the string contained in the file path.
CWSys.removeDirectory(path) remove the directory path.
CWSys.removeFile(path) deletes file path.
CWSys.renameFile(oldPath, newPath) renames file oldPath to be newPath., wait) runs command line cmd optionally waits for it to complete if wait is true.
CWSys.unpackU32(array, offset, le) returns the number unpacked from the array at offset.
CWSys.writeByteArrayToFile(path, array) creates a file path containing the byte array array.
CWSys.writeStringToFile(path, string) creates a file path containing string.