Property Description
Disassembly Breakpoints
Environment/Debugger/Disassembly Breakpoints – Boolean
What to do with disassembly breakpoints on debug stop/start.


Property Description
Close Disassembly On Mode Switch
Environment/Debugger/Close Disassembly On Mode Switch – Boolean
Close Disassembly On Mode Switch.
Data Tips Display a Maximum Of
Environment/Debugger/Maximum Array Elements Displayed – IntegerRange
Selects the maximum number of array elements displayed in a data tip.
Default Display Mode
Environment/Debugger/Default Variable Display Mode – Enumeration
Selects the format that data values are shown in.
Display Floating Point Number In
Environment/Debugger/Floating Point Format Display – Custom
The printf format directive used to display floating point numbers.
Maximum Backtrace Calls
Environment/Debugger/Maximum Backtrace Calls – IntegerRange
Selects the maximum number of calls when backtracing.
Prompt To Display If More Than
Environment/Debugger/Array Elements Prompt Size – IntegerRange
The array size to display with prompt.
Show Data Tips In Text Editor
Environment/Debugger/Show Data Tips – Boolean
Show Data Tips In Text Editor.
Show Labels In Disassembly
Environment/Debugger/Disassembly Show Labels – Boolean
Show Labels In Disassembly.
Show Source In Disassembly
Environment/Debugger/Disassembly Show Source – Boolean
Show Source In Disassembly.
Show char * as null terminated string
Environment/Debugger/Display Char Ptr As String – Boolean
Show char * as null terminated string.
Source Path
Environment/Debugger/Source Path – StringList
Global search path to find source files.

Extended Data Tips

Property Description
Environment/Debugger/Extended Tooltip Display Mode/ASCII – Boolean
Display ASCII extended data tips.
Environment/Debugger/Extended Tooltip Display Mode/Binary – Boolean
Display Binary extended data tips.
Environment/Debugger/Extended Tooltip Display Mode/Decimal – Boolean
Display Decimal extended data tips.
Environment/Debugger/Extended Tooltip Display Mode/Hexadecimal – Boolean
Display Hexadecimal extended data tips.
Environment/Debugger/Extended Tooltip Display Mode/Octal – Boolean
Display Octal extended data tips.
Unsigned Decimal
Environment/Debugger/Extended Tooltip Display Mode/Unsigned Decimal – Boolean
Display Unsigned Decimal extended data tips.


Property Description
Step Using Hardware Step
Environment/Debugger/Step Using Hardware Step – Boolean
Step using hardware single stepping rather than setting breakpoints.
Switch Project To Text Editor
Environment/Debugger/Switch Project – Boolean
Switch Project To Text Editor.


Property Description
Clear Debug Terminal On Run
Environment/Clear Debug Terminal On Run – Boolean
Clear the debug terminal automatically when a program is run.
Hide Output Window On Successful Load
Debugging/Hide Transcript On Successful Load – Boolean
Hide the Output window when a load completes without error.
Show Target Log On Load
Debugging/Show Transcript On Load – Boolean
Show the target log when a load starts.