API Summary

File Functions
debug_clearerr Clear error indicator
debug_fclose Closes an open stream
debug_feof Check end of file condition
debug_ferror Check error indicator
debug_fflush Flushes buffered output
debug_fgetc Read a character from a stream
debug_fgetpos Return file position
debug_fgets Read a string
debug_filesize Return the size of a file
debug_fopen Opens a file on the host PC
debug_fprintf Formatted write
debug_fprintf_c Formatted write
debug_fputc Write a character
debug_fputs Write a string
debug_fread Read data
debug_freopen Reopens a file on the host PC
debug_fscanf Formatted read
debug_fscanf_c Formatted read
debug_fseek Set file position
debug_fsetpos Teturn file position
debug_ftell Return file position
debug_fwrite Write data
debug_remove Deletes a file on the host PC
debug_rename Renames a file on the host PC
debug_rewind Set file position to the beginning
debug_tmpfile Open a temporary file
debug_tmpnam Generate temporary filename
debug_ungetc Push a character
debug_vfprintf Formatted write
debug_vfscanf Formatted read
Debug Terminal Output Functions
debug_printf Formatted write
debug_printf_c Formatted write
debug_putchar Write a character
debug_puts Write a string
debug_vprintf Formatted write
Debug Terminal Input Functions
debug_getch Blocking character read
debug_getchar Line-buffered character read
debug_getd Line-buffered double read
debug_getf Line-buffered float read
debug_geti Line-buffered integer read
debug_getl Line-buffered long read
debug_getll Line-buffered long long read
debug_gets String read
debug_getu Line-buffered unsigned integer
debug_getul Line-buffered unsigned long read
debug_getull Line-buffered unsigned long long read
debug_kbhit Polled character read
debug_scanf Formatted read
debug_scanf_c Formatted read
debug_vscanf Formatted read
Debugger Functions
debug_abort Stop debugging
debug_break Stop target
debug_enabled Test if debug input/output is enabled
debug_evaluate Evaluate debug expression
debug_exit Stop debugging
debug_getargs Get arguments
debug_loadsymbols Load debugging symbols
debug_runtime_error Stop and report error
debug_unloadsymbols Unload debugging symbols
Misc Functions
debug_getenv Get environment variable value
debug_perror Display error
debug_system Execute command
debug_time get time