When a file in the project is in source control, the Properties window shows the following properties in the Source Control Options group:

Property Description
CrossStudio Status The source-control status of working copy as viewed by CrossStudio.
last Author The author of the file's head revision.
Path: Relative The item's path relative to the repository root.
Path: Repository The pathname of the file in the source-control system, typically a URL.
Path: Working Copy The pathname of the file in the working copy.
Provider The name of the source-control system managing this file.
Provider Status The status of the file as reported by the source-control provider.
Revision: Local The revision number/name of the local file.
Revision: Remote The revision number/name of the most-recent version in source control.
Status: In Conflict? If Yes, updates merged into the file using Update conflict with the changes you made locally; if No, the file is not locked. When conflicted, must resolve the conflicts and mark them Resolved before committing the file.
Status: Locked? If Yes, the file is lock by you; if No, the file is not locked.
Status: Modified? If Yes, the checked-out file differs from the version in the source control system; if No, they are identical.
Status: Update Available? If Yes, the file in the project location is an old version compared to the latest version in the source-control system—use Update to merge in the latest changes.