The Output window contains logs and transcripts from various systems within CrossStudio. Most notably, it contains the Transcript and Source Navigator Log.

The Transcript contains the results of the last build or target operation. It is cleared on each build. Errors detected by CrossStudio are shown in red and warnings are shown in yellow. Double-clicking an error or warning in the build log will open the offending file at the error position. The commands used for the build can be echoed to the build log by setting the Echo Build Command Lines environment option. The transcript also shows a trace of the high-level loading and debug operations carried out on the target. For downloading, uploading, and verification operations, it displays the time it took to carry out each operation. The log is cleared for each new download or debug session.
Navigator Log
The Source Navigator Log displays a list of files the Source Navigator has parsed and the time it took to parse each file.
To activate the Output window:
To show a specific log: