CrossStudio provides context-sensitive help in increasing detail:

When you position the pointer over a button and keep it still, a small window displays a brief description of the button and its keyboard shortcut, if it has one.
Status tips
In addition to tooltips, CrossStudio provides a longer description in the status bar when you hover over a button or menu item.
Online manual
CrossStudio has links from all windows to the online help system.

The browser

Documentation pages are shown in the Browser.

Help using CrossStudio

CrossStudio provides an extensive, HTML-based help system that is available at all times.

To view the help text for a particular window or other user-interface element:

Help within the text editor

The text editor is linked to the help system in a special way. If you place the insertion point within a word and press F1, the help-system page most likely to be useful is displayed in the HTML browser. This a great way to quickly find the help text for functions provided in the library.

Browsing the documentation

The Contents window lists all the topics in the CrossWorks documentation and gives a way to search through them.

The highlighted entry indicates the current help topic. When you click a topic, the corresponding page appears in the Browser window.

The Next Topic and Previous Topic items in the Help menu, or the buttons on the Contents window toolbar, help navigate through topics.

To search the online documentation, type a search phrase into the Search box on the Contents window toolbar.

To search the online documentation:

The search commences and the table of contents is replaced by links to pages matching your query, listed in order of relevance. To clear the search and return to the table of contents, click the clear icon in the Search box.