To continue execution from a breakpoint, use the Debug.go() method. You can single step into function calls with Debug.stepinto(). You can single step over function calls by using the Debug.stepover() method. To complete execution of the current function, use the Debug.stepout() method.

You will get the debugger prompt immediately when the go, stepinto, stepover or stepout methods are called. If you want to wait for the target to stop (for example in a script), you need to use the Debug.wait(mstimeout) method, which returns 0 if the millisecond timeout occurred or 1 if execution has stopped. For example…

> Debug.go(); Debug.wait(1000) 

…will wait for one second or until a breakpoint occurs. If a breakpoint isn't reached, you can use the method Debug.breaknow() to stop execution. You can end the debug session with the Debug.quit() method.