With software as complex as CrossWorks, it's almost inevitable that you will need assistance at some point. Along with the documentation that comes with CrossWorks for MAXQ, there are a variety of other resources you can use to find out more.

CrossWorks for MAXQ website

If you need some help working with CrossWorks, or if something you consider a bug, go to:

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If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the software or documentation, you can make suggestions on our UserVoice forum:

Finding your way around

CrossStudio is a complex program in many ways, but we have tried to simplify it so that it's easy to use. It's very easy to get started and CrossStudio scales well to complex multi-programmer projects that need to manage large code bases and the inevitable software variants.

In the tutorial you were presented with a whistle-stop tour of CrossStudio to get you up and running. Here we dig deeper into the corners of CrossStudio so you can get the best from it.