The Visual SourceSafe source-control provider is implemented using the SourceSafe OLE Automation interface provided in ssapi.dll. The two versions of ssapi.dll are supported by CrossWorks, they can be identified (using the OLE/COM Object Viewer of Visual Studio) as:

Other versions have not been tested. If you get an error when connecting to the database, try registering the type library using the DOS command regsvr32 ssapi.dll.

Provider-specific options

The following environment options are supported:

Property Description
Exclusive Checkout If Yes, check outs will be exclusive.

Connecting to the source-control system

When connecting to source control, the working directory of the SourceSafe root $ is used to initially set the file mappings. Subsequently, the provider will not change the working directory of SourceSafe or refer to it for operations.

Source-control operations

In general, all CrossWorks source-control operations map directly to SourceSafe operations with default flag behavior.

The Add To Source Control operation will create SourceSafe projects, if they don't exist.

Source-control operations are performed one file at a time, there are no recursive SourceSafe project operations.