The SourceGear SourceOffsite source-control provider has been tested with SourceOffSite Classic 3.5.3 server.

Provider-specific options

The following environment options are supported:

Property Description
Home Directory The directory to the servers subdirectory in your SOS client installation.
Port The port number used by your SOS server.
Server The name or IP address of the computer running the SOS server.

Connecting to the source-control system

When connecting to source control, the working directory of the SourceSafe root $ is used initially to set the file mappings. Subsequently, the provider will not change the working directory of SourceSafe or refer to it for operations.

Source-control operations

For each server connection, SourceOffSite maintains a file that has control information about the local files that have been fetched. The SourceOffSite provider will keep this file updated as it performs single-file operations. However, to update the project and files list, you will need to use the directory list's shortcut menu to choose VCS > Refresh Status.

In general, all CrossWorks source-control operations map directly to SourceSafe operations with default flag behavior.

The Add To Source Control operation will create SourceSafe projects, if they don't exist.

The operations are performed one file at a time, i.e., there are no recursive SourceSafe project operations.