Build Options

Property Description
Automatically Build Before Debug
Environment/Build/Build Before Debug  – Boolean
Enables auto-building of a project before downloading if it is out of date.
Build Macros
Environment/Macros/Global Macros  – StringList
Build macros that are shared across all solutions and projects e.g. paths to library files.
Confirm Debugger Stop
Environment/Build/Confirm Debugger Stop  – Boolean
Present a warning when you start to build that requires the debugger to stop.
Echo Build Command Lines
Environment/Build/Show Command Lines  – Boolean
Selects whether build command lines are written to the build log.
Echo Raw Error/Warning Output
Environment/Build/Show Unparsed Error Output  – Boolean
Selects whether the unprocessed error and warning output from tools is displayed in the build log.
Find Error After Building
Environment/Build/Find Error After Build  – Boolean
Moves the cursor to the first diagnostic after a build completes with errors.
Keep Going On Error
Environment/Build/Keep Going On Error  – Boolean
Build doesn't stop on error.
Save Project File Before Building
Environment/Build/Save Project File On Build  – Boolean
Selects whether to save the project file prior to build.
Show Build Information
Environment/Build/Show Build Information  – Boolean
Show build information.
Show Error Window on Build Error
Environment/Build/Show Error Window on Build Error  – Boolean
Shows the Errors window if there is a build error.
Toolchain Root Directory
Environment/Build/Tool Chain Root Directory  – String
Specifies where to find the toolchain (compilers etc).

Window Options

Property Description
Show Build Log On Build
Environment/Show Transcript On Build  – Boolean
Show the build log when a build starts.