Starting with CrossWorks for AVR 2.0, target CPU files are supplied in a seperate support packages.

The following pages list the CPU and board support packages currently available for CrossWorks for AVR.

Downloading and Installing Support Packages

The download and installation of packages is normally carried out entirely by CrossStudio's package manager window. To start up the package manager window, select the Tools > Package Manager menu entry.

If you are using CrossWorks on a machine that does not have access to the Internet you will not be able to use the package manager window to view and download the available packages. If this is the case you can still install packages by downloading them from this web site using a regular web browser on a machine with Internet access, copying them to the machine running CrossWorks and manually installing them.

To manually install a support package:

Using The Support Packages

Once you have installed the support package you should be able to create new projects for the target using File > New > New Project.

You can view the support packages you have installed by selecting Tools > Show Installed Packages. Clicking on the support package links from this page will take you to the support package content page which contains useful links to the package contents such as documentation, example projects and system files.