Property Description
External Reset Required
externalResetRequired – Boolean
Apply external reset on connect.
Hardware Breakpoints
useHardwareBreakpoints – Boolean
Always use hardware breakpoints i.e. don't set software breakpoints.
JTAG Cable Type
connectorType – Enumeration
Is the JTAG cable an ARM 20 Pin or a AVR/MAXQ 10 Pin.
JTAG Clock Divider
JTAGDivider – IntegerRange
The JTAG clock delay
JTAG Clock Divider (Debug)
JTAGDivider2 – IntegerRange
The JTAG clock delay when in debug mode on a JTAG Mega device.
Parallel Port
portName – String
The name of the parallel port to use.
Parallel Port Sharing
portSharing – Boolean
Specifies whether sharing of the parallel port with other device drivers or programs is permitted.