Property Description
Baud Rate
baudRate – Enumeration
The speed of the serial communication.
Hardware Breakpoints
useHardwareBreakpoints – Boolean
Always use hardware breakpoints i.e. don't set software breakpoints.
Port Name
portName – String
The name of the serial port connected to the JTAGICE mkII (Serial Port to PDI). On windows hosts you can right click to select from the set of COM ports available.
Serial Number
connectedSerialNumber – String
The serial number of the JTAG ICE MK II.


Property Description
Hardware Version
hardwareVersion – String
The hardware version of the target interface.
Software Version
softwareVersion – String
The software version of the target interface.


Property Description
Device Type
device_id – String
The detected type of the currently connected target device.
Target Voltage
operatingVoltage – String
The target voltage.