You must connect each CrossWorks project individually to the source-control system.

To connect to the source-control system:

The login dialog that appears enables you to specify your user name and password, and to select the source-control database. These details will be saved in the session file (the password is encrypted) so you won't need to specify this information each time the project is loaded.

To map files in the project to those in the source-control system, specify a local root directory and the corresponding directory in source control (called the remote root). Once you have provided this information, the files in your project that are within the local root directory are considered to be in, or can be added to, source control.

After the login dialog, you will be presented with a dialog where you specify the local and remote roots. The local root can be selected using a directory browser and the remote root can be selected using the source-control explorer. With both browsers, you can create new directories—such as when starting a new project or if you don't have any projects in source control.