The Properties window displays properties of the current CrossStudio object. Using the Properties window, you can set the build properties of your project, modify the editor defaults, and change target settings.

To activate the Properties window:

The Properties window is organized as a set of key–value pairs. As you select one of the keys, help text explains the purpose of the property. Because properties are numerous and can be specific to a particular product build, consider this help to be the definitive help on the property.

You can divide the properties display into categories or, alternatively, display it as a flat list that is sorted alphabetically.

A combo-box enables you to change the properties and explains which properties you are looking at.

Some properties have actions associated with them—you can find these by right-clicking the property key. Most properties that represent filenames can be opened this way.

When the Properties window is displaying project properties, you'll find some properties displayed in bold. This means the property value hasn't been inherited. If you wish to inherit rather than define such a property, right-click the property and select Inherit from the shortcut menu.