The Locals window displays a list of all variables that are in scope of the selected stack frame in the Call Stack.

The Locals window has a toolbar and a main data display.

Button Description
Displays the selected item in binary.
Displays the selected item in octal.
Displays the selected item in decimal.
Displays the selected item in hexadecimal.
Displays the selected item as a signed decimal.
Displays the selected item as a character or Unicode character.
Sets the range displayed in the active Memory window to where the selected item is stored.
Sorts the variables alphabetically by name.
Sorts the variables numerically by address or register number (default).

Using the Locals window

The Locals window shows the local variables of the active function when the debugger is stopped. The contents of the Locals window changes when you use the Debug Location toolbar items or select a new frame in the Call Stack window. When the program stops at a breakpoint, or is stepped, the Locals window updates to show the active stack frame. Items that have changed since they were previously displayed are highlighted in red.

To activate the Locals window:

When you select a variable in the main part of the display, the display-format button highlighted on the Locals window toolbar changes to show the selected item's display format.

To change the display format of a local variable:


To modify the value of a local variable: