Call Stack Options

Property Description
Show Call Address
Environment/Call Stack/Show Call Address – Boolean
Enables the display of the call address in the call stack.
Show Call Source Location
Environment/Call Stack/Show Call Location – Boolean
Enables the display of the call source location in the call stack.
Show Parameter Names
Environment/Call Stack/Show Parameter Names – Boolean
Enables the display of parameter names in the call stack.
Show Parameter Types
Environment/Call Stack/Show Parameter Types – Boolean
Enables the display of parameter types in the call stack.
Show Parameter Values
Environment/Call Stack/Show Parameter Values – Boolean
Enables the display of parameter values in the call stack.

Clipboard Ring Options

Property Description
Maximum Items Held In Ring
Environment/Clipboard Ring/Max Entries – IntegerRange
The maximum number of items held on the clipboard ring before they are recycled.
Preserve Contents Between Runs
Environment/Clipboard Ring/Save – Boolean
Save the clipboard ring across CrossStudio runs.

Outline Window Options

Property Description
Group #define Directives
Windows/Outline/Group Defines – Boolean
Group consecutive #define and #undef preprocessor directives.
Group #if Directives
Windows/Outline/Group Ifs – Boolean
Group lines contained betwen #if, #else, and #endif preprocessor directives.
Group #include Directives
Windows/Outline/Group Includes – Boolean
Group consecutive #include preprocessor directives.
Group Top-Level Declarations
Windows/Outline/Group Top Level Items – Boolean
Group consecutive top-level variable and type declarations.
Group Visibility
Windows/Outline/Group Visibility – Boolean
Group class members by public, protected, and private visibility.
Hide #region Prefix
Windows/Outline/Hide Region Prefix – Boolean
Hides the '#region' prefix from groups and shows only the group name.
Refresh Outline and Preview
Windows/Outline/Preview Refresh Mode – Enumeration
How the Preview pane refreshes its contects.

Project Explorer Options

Property Description
Add Filename Replace Macros
Environment/Project Explorer/Filename Replace Macros – StringList
Macros (system and global) used to replace the start of a filename on project file addition.
Color Project Nodes
Environment/Project Explorer/Color Nodes – Boolean
Show the project nodes colored for identification in the Project Explorer.
Output Files Folder
Environment/Project Explorer/Show Output Files – Boolean
Show the build output files in an Output Files folder in the project explorer.
Read-Only Data In Code
Environment/Project Explorer/Statistics Read-Only Data Handling – Boolean
Configures whether read-only data contributes to the Code or Data statistic.
Show Dependencies
Environment/Project Explorer/Dependencies Display – Enumeration
Controls how the dependencies are displayed.
Show File Count on Folder
Environment/Project Explorer/Count Files – Boolean
Show the number of files contained in a folder as a badge in the Project Explorer.
Show Properties
Environment/Project Explorer/Properties Display – Enumeration
Controls how the properties are displayed.
Show Statistics Rounded
Environment/Project Explorer/Statistics Format – Boolean
Show exact or rounded sizes in the project explorer.
Source Control Status Column
Environment/Project Explorer/Show Source Code Control Status – Boolean
Show the source control status column in the project explorer.
Starred Files Names
Environment/Project Explorer/Starred File Names – StringList
The list of wildcard-matched file names that get highligted with stars, to bring attention to themselves, in the Project Explorer.
Statistics Column
Environment/Project Explorer/Statistics Display – Boolean
Show the code and data size columns in the Project Explorer.
Synchronize Explorer With Editor
Environment/Project Explorer/Sync Editor – Boolean
Synchronizes the Project Explorer with the document being edited.
Use Common Properties Folder
Environment/Project Explorer/Common Properties Display – Boolean
Controls how common properties are displayed.

Properties Window Options

Property Description
Properties Displayed
Environment/General/Properties Displayed – Enumeration
Set how the properties are displayed.
Show Property Details
Environment/General/Property View Details – Boolean
Show or hide the property description.

Windows Window Options

Property Description
Buffer Grouping
Environment/Windows/Grouping – Enumeration
How the files are grouped or listed in the Windows window.
Show File Path as Tooltip
Environment/Windows/Show Filename Tooltips – Boolean
Show the full file name as a tooltip when hovering over files in the Windows window.
Show Line Count and File Size
Environment/Windows/Show Sizes – Boolean
Show the number of lines and size of each file in the windows list.