Cursor Fence Options

Property Description
Bottom Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Bottom – IntegerRange
The number of lines in the bottom margin.
Keep Cursor Within Fence
Text Editor/Margins/Enabled – Boolean
Enable margins to fence and scroll around the cursor.
Left Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Left – IntegerRange
The number of characters in the left margin.
Right Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Right – IntegerRange
The number of characters in the right margin.
Top Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Top – IntegerRange
The number of lines in the right margin.

Editing Options

Property Description
Allow Drag and Drop Editing
Text Editor/Drag Drop Editing – Boolean
Enables dragging and dropping of selections in the text editor.
Auto-Comment Text
Text Editor/Auto Comment – Boolean
Enable or disable automatically swapping commenting on source lines by typing '/' with an active selection.
Auto-Surround Text
Text Editor/Auto Surround – Boolean
Enable or disable automatically surrounding selected text when typing triangular brackets, quotation marks, parentheses, brackets, or braces.
Bold Popup Diagnostic Messages
Text Editor/Bold Popup Diagnostics – Boolean
Displays popup diagnostic messages in bold for easier reading.
Check Spelling
Text Editor/Spell Checking – Boolean
Enable spell checking in comments.
Column-mode Tab
Text Editor/Column Mode Tab – Boolean
Tab key moves to the next textual column using the line above.
Confirm Modified File Reload
Text Editor/Confirm Modified File Reload – Boolean
Display a confirmation prompt before reloading a file that has been modified on disk.
Copy Action When Nothing Selected
Text Editor/Copy Action – Enumeration
What Copy copies when nothing is selected.
Copy On Mouse Select
Text Editor/Copy On Mouse Select – Boolean
Automatically copy text to clipboard when marking a selection with the mouse.
Cut Action When Nothing Selected
Text Editor/Cut Action – Enumeration
What Cut cuts when nothing is selected.
Cut Single Blank Line
Text Editor/Cut Blank Lines – Boolean
Selects whether to place text on the clipboard when a single blank line is cut. When set to
Diagnostic Cycle Mode
Text Editor/Diagnostic Cycle Mode – Enumeration
Iterates through diagnostics either from most severe to least severe or in reported order.
Edit Read-Only Files
Text Editor/Edit Read Only – Boolean
Allow editing of read-only files.
Enable Popup Diagnostics
Text Editor/Enable Popup Diagnostics – Boolean
Enables on-screen diagnostics in the text editor.
Enable Virtual Space
Text Editor/Enable Virtual Space – Boolean
Permit the cursor to move into locations that do not currently contain text.
FIXME Tag List
Text Editor/FIXME Tags – StringList
Set the tags to display as FIXMEs.
Numeric Keypad Editing
Text Editor/Numeric Keypad Enabled – Boolean
Selects whether the numeric keypad plus and minus buttons copy and cut text.
Paste On Mouse Middle Button
Text Editor/Paste On Mouse Middle Button – Boolean
Paste text from clipboard when mouse middle button is pressed.
Undo And Redo Behavior
Text Editor/Undo Mode – Enumeration
How Undo and Redo group your typing when it is undone and redone.

Find And Replace Options

Property Description
Case Sensitive Matching
Text Editor/Find/Match Case – Boolean
Enables or disables the case sensitivity of letters when searching.
Find History
Text Editor/Find/History – StringList
The list of strings recently used in searches.
Regular Expression Matching
Text Editor/Find/Use RegExp – Boolean
Enables regular expression matching rather than plain text matching.
Replace History
Text Editor/Replace/History – StringList
The list of strings recently used in replaces.
Whole Word Matching
Text Editor/Find/Match Whole Word – Boolean
Enables or disables whole word matching when searching.


Property Description
Default Text File Encoding
Text Editor/Default Codec – Enumeration
The encoding to use if not overridden by a project property or file is not in a known format.

Save Options

Property Description
Backup File History Depth
Text Editor/Backup File Depth – IntegerRange
The number of backup files to keep when saving an existing file.
Delete Trailing Space On Save
Text Editor/Delete Trailing Space On Save – Boolean
Deletes trailing whitespace from each line when a file is saved.
Tab Cleanup On Save
Text Editor/Cleanup Tabs On Save – Enumeration
Cleans up tabs when a file is saved.

Visual Appearance

Property Description
Text Editor/Font – FixedPitchFont
The font to use for text editors.
Hide Cursor When Typing
Text Editor/Hide Cursor When Typing – Boolean
Hide or show the I-beam cursor when you start to type.
Highlight Cursor Line
Text Editor/Highlight Cursor Line – Boolean
Enable or disable visually highlighting the cursor line.
Horizontal Scroll Bar
Text Editor/HScroll Bar – Enumeration
Show or hide the horizontal scroll bar.
Insert Caret Style
Text Editor/Insert Caret Style – Enumeration
How the caret is displayed with the editor in insert mode.
Line Numbers
Text Editor/Line Number Mode – Enumeration
How often line numbers are displayed in the margin.
Mate Matching Mode
Text Editor/Mate Matching Mode – Enumeration
Controls when braces, brackets, and parentheses are matched.
Overwrite Caret Style
Text Editor/Overwrite Caret Style – Enumeration
How the caret is displayed with the editor in overwrite mode.
Show Diagnostic Icons In Gutter
Text Editor/Diagnostic Icons – Boolean
Enables display of diagnostic icons in the icon gutter.
Show Icon Gutter
Text Editor/Icon Gutter – Boolean
Show or hide the left-hand gutter containing breakpoint, bookmark, and optional diagnostic icons.
Show Mini Toolbar
Text Editor/Mini Toolbar – Boolean
Show the mini toolbar when selecting text with the mouse.
Use I-beam Cursor
Text Editor/Ibeam cursor – Boolean
Show an I-beam or arrow cursor in the text editor.
Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/VScroll Bar – Enumeration
Show or hide the vertical scroll bar.