When CrossStudio starts, it presents the Dashboard, a collection of panels that provide useful information, one-click loading of recent projects, and at-a-glance summaries of activity relevant to you.


The Tasks panel indicates tasks you need to carry out before CrossWorks is fully functional—for instance, whether you need to activate CrossWorks, install packages, and so on.


The Updates panel indicates whether any packages you have installed are now out of date because a newer version is available. You can install each new package individually by clicking the Install button under each notification, or install all packages by clicking the Install all updates link at the bottom of the panel.


The Projects panel contains links to projects you have worked on recently. You can load a project by clicking the appropriate link, or clear the project history by clicking the Clear List button. To manage the contents of the list, click the Manage Projects link and edit the list of projects in the Recent Projects window.


The News panel summarizes the activity of any RSS and Atom feeds to which you have subscribed. Clicking a link will display the published article in an external web browser. You can manage your feed subscriptions to by clicking the Manage Feeds link at the end of the News panel and pinning the feeds in the Favorites window—you are only subscrbed to the pinned feeds.


The Links panel is a handy set of links to your favorite websites. If you pin a link in the Favorites window, it appears in the Links panel.