Toshiba TOPAS 910 Board Support Package

This package contains project templates, system files and example programs for the Toshiba TOPAS 910.

CrossWorks Version 1 Installation Instructions

To install this support package
  1. Download the file TOSHIBA_TOPAS_910.hzq using your web browser.
  2. Click the Tools > Install Package menu option.
  3. Select the file you have just downloaded to install the package.
To install this support package using other versions

Release Notes



Creating TOSHIBA TOPAS 910 Board Projects

CrossStudio for ARM supports the TOSHIBA TOPAS 910 board with loading and debugging applications into internal RAM, SDRAM and NOR flash.

To create a new TOSHIBA TOPAS 910 Board project
To build, load and debug an application running in SDRAM
To build, load and debug an application running in FLASH

TOSHIBA TOPAS 910 Board Project Specifics

Target Reset Script

The reset script for TOSHIBA_TOPAS_910_Target.js supplies the function to set up the clocks and SDRAM.

Flash Loaders

The loaders solution has projects to build the flash loader.

Board Specific Files

The file TOSHIBA_TOPAS_910.c provides timer, led and button pressed CTL support functions. The file also includes init_sdram_pll.c which contains the clock and memory setup code that is run by the TX09 startup code.