Olimex ADuC-MT7020 Board Support Package

This package contains project templates, system files and example programs for the Olimex ADuC-MT7020 Board.

CrossWorks Version 1 Installation Instructions

To install this support package
  1. Download the file Olimex_ADuC_MT7020.hzq using your web browser.
  2. Click the Tools > Install Package menu option.
  3. Select the file you have just downloaded to install the package.
To install this support package using other versions

Release Notes





This Board Support Package is intended for the Olimex ADuC-MT7020 Board. You must install the ADuC7000 CPU Support Package to successfully compile and debug with this board support package.


Please refer to the general ADuC7000 CPU Support Package documentation for further information on the ADuC7000.


The Olimex ADuC-MT7020 has its buttons pulled high by default. Unfortunately the ADuC's external interrupt inputs are active high and level sensitive, so when the button is not pressed it will continually generate an interrupt. When the button is pressed, interrupts cease. The design of the ADuC's level-sensitive external input and the Olimex board's incorrect wiring of the button conspire against us in our endeavour to generate an interrupt on a button press. Hence, the standard CrossWorks interrupt demonstration is missing in the samples.