Generic PXA270 Board Support Package

This package contains project templates, system files and example programs for the Generic PXA270.

CrossWorks Version 1 Installation Instructions

To install this support package
  1. Download the file Generic_PXA270.hzq using your web browser.
  2. Click the Tools > Install Package menu option.
  3. Select the file you have just downloaded to install the package.
To install this support package using other versions

Release Notes




This board support package targets a generic PXA270 board with CFI FLASH located at 0x00000000. Only the PXA270's internal RAM is used, if you wish to support additional external memories you can use this support package but you will need to modify the memory map file to tell the linker about the additional memory, the placement files to tell the linker how you want program sections to be placed in memory and the startup code to configure the memory.