Freescale MAC7100 CPU Support Package

This package contains project templates and system files for the Freescale MAC7100.

CrossWorks Version 1 Installation Instructions

To install this support package
  1. Download the file Freescale_MAC7100.hzq using your web browser.
  2. Click the Tools > Install Package menu option.
  3. Select the file you have just downloaded to install the package.
To install this support package using other versions

Release Notes




Using the MAC7100 CPU Support Package

To create a new MAC7100 project

CrossStudio for ARM supports the MAC7100 running applications from both RAM and internal FLASH in Single-Chip mode.

To build and debug an application

The following sections describe the MAC7100 support in more detail.

Memory Map Files

Default memory map files have been provided in the $(StudioDir)/targets/Freescale_MAC7100 directory for each member of the MAC7100 family. These files are used to describe the memory layout of the target and is used for linking and debugging. The placement of program sections within the memory map for both RAM and FLASH configurations is described by the non-target-specific default memory maps $(StudioDir)/targets/flash_placement.xml and $(StudioDir)/targets/sram_placement.xml.

The Build > Target Processor project property specifies which of the MAC7100 family memory map files are used.

Target Startup Code

The default startup code is in $(StudioDir)/targets/Freescale_MAC7100/MAC7100_Startup.s. It contains the exception vectors and the default exception handlers for operating in normal single-chip mode.