ARM Simulator Memory Interface Files

ARM Simulator Memory Interface Files

CrossWorks Version 1 Installation Instructions

To install this support package
  1. Download the file ARMSimulatorMemoryInterface.hzq using your web browser.
  2. Click the Tools > Install Package menu option.
  3. Select the file you have just downloaded to install the package.
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Release Notes





An ARM simulator memory interface is a host dll that models the memory interface of a specific ARM device. The host dll is used by the CrossWorks ARM simulator target interface and is referenced by the CrossWorks project system property Memory Simulation Filename.

The host dll must provide two entry point functions AllocateARMSimulatorMemoryInterface and ReleaseARMSimulatorMemoryInterface which are called by the Crossworks ARM simulator on target interface connect and disconnect respectively. The function AllocateARMSimulatorMemoryInterface should allocate and return an object that is an implementation of ARMSimulatorMemoryInterface.h. The ReleaseARMSimulatorMemoryInterface takes the object previously allocated by the host dll and should deallocate it.

An example implementation of an ARM simulator memory interface for the generic ARM memory simulator is in StandardARMSimulatorMemory.h and StandardARMSimulatorMemory.cpp. This is implemented using the files ARMSimulatorMemoryImplementation.h and ARMSimulatorMemoryImplementation.cpp.

A hosted version of CrossWorks is available on request from Rowley Associates Ltd that can be used to build host dll's from the project files that are shipped in the CPU support packages. Alternatively you can use your favourite host IDE to build the dll.