PAC52XX Project Properties

Projects creating using the project templates in this support package have the following device specific project properties:

Heap Size

The heap size is set to be 256 bytes when a project is created. The heap size can be modified using the Heap Size project property.

Section Placement

You can select the memory configuration you require using the Section Placement project property.

For PAC52XX projects, the set of placements are:

Stack Sizes

The main stack size is set to be 256 bytes when a project is created.

The process stack size is set to be 0 bytes when a project is created.

The main and process stack sizes can be modified using the Main Stack Size and Process Stack Size project properties.

To change the location of the stacks, edit the section placement file and place the .stack and .stack_process sections as required.

Startup From Reset

By default, the application will only startup from power-on/reset in Release configuration. This acts as a safety net in case you accidently download a program in FLASH during development that crashes and prevents the debugger from taking control of the target over the debug interface thus rendering the device unusable.

For PAC52XX projects, the Startup From Reset project property can be set to one of the following:

Target Processor

Once a project has been created you can target different devices by modifying the Target Processor project property. See the PAC52XX Devices section for details on the files, preprocessor definitions and macro definitions used when a device is selected.