void olimex_ge8_n6110_setup_begin(CTL_GFX_CONTROLLER_t *self,
                                  CTL_SPI_DEVICE_t *dev,
                                  int depth);

olimex_ge8_n6110_setup_begin sets up the CrossWorks graphics driver d to work correctly with an Olimex N6110 ‘GE8’ display with bit depth depth. This driver supports a depths of 8 and 12 bits—that is either 256 or 4,096 colors.


Olimex evaluation boards and the MOD_NOKIA6110 displays are shipped with a label, ‘GE8’ or ‘GE12,’ that identifies the particular graphics controller the display uses.


The GE8 display is based on an Epson S1D15G00 controller which runs at up to 6MHz.

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