typedef struct {
  CTL_GFX_DRIVER_t core;
  void (*set_controls)(KS0108_DRIVER_s *, unsigned);
  int (*controller_selects)(KS0108_DRIVER_s *, unsigned);
  unsigned short __controls;
  unsigned char __shadow[];
  volatile unsigned __dirty;
  int __controllers;
} KS0108_DRIVER_t;

KS0108_DRIVER_t contains the instance data for the KS0108 graphics driver.

The core graphics driver.
Method to set the control state of the emulated bus.
Method to get the chip select states for logical display #index. Displays are numbered left to right with increasing index, with display
Private member containing the current control signal state.
Private member containing the current bitmapped display state.
Private member indicating when the shadow contents differ from the display contents (and therefore require flushing to the display). One bit per controller.
Private member indicating the number of KS0108 display controllers in the display module. Up to three KS0108 controllers can be ganged together to provide a 192×64 display.