A toolkit of additional CTL functions not included in the core CTL API.

Definitions in this file are here temporarily, or perhaps permanently. They may move into the main CrossWorks V3 and CTL V3 release, or they might just be parked here forever.

API Summary

CTL_CORE_ERROR_t Common errors
CTL_ERROR Construct error code
CTL_ERROR_INDICATOR Error indicator bit pattern
CTL_STATUS_t API completion status
ctl_normalize_status Normalize status
ctl_register_core_error_decoder Register core error decoder
ctl_strerror Decodes an error code
CTL_BYTE_SWAP_16b_LIT Byte-swap 16-bit word
CTL_BYTE_SWAP_32b_LIT Byte-swap 16-bit word
ctl_atomic_decrement Decrement counter
ctl_atomic_increment Increment counter
ctl_byte_swap_16b Byte-swap 16-bit word
ctl_byte_swap_32b Byte-swap 32-bit word
ctl_load_16b_be Load a 16-bit big-endian value
ctl_load_16b_le Load a 16-bit little-endian value
ctl_load_24b_be Load a 24-bit big-endian value
ctl_load_24b_le Load a 24-bit little-endian value
ctl_load_32b_be Load a 32-bit big-endian value
ctl_load_32b_le Load a 32-bit little-endian value
CTL_STREAM_CB_t Stream control block
CTL_STREAM_DRIVER_t Stream driver
CTL_STREAM_STANDARD_DEBUG Standard debug stream
CTL_STREAM_STANDARD_ERROR Standard error stream
CTL_STREAM_STANDARD_INPUT Standard input stream
CTL_STREAM_STANDARD_OUTPUT Standard output stream
CTL_STREAM_t A generic stream
ctl_stream_alloc Allocate a stream control block
ctl_stream_assign_standard Assign standard stream
ctl_stream_close Close stream
ctl_stream_find_cb Find stream control block
ctl_stream_flush Flush stream
ctl_stream_free_cb Free stream control block
ctl_stream_is_null Is stream null?
ctl_stream_is_open Is stream open?
ctl_stream_signature Get stream signature
ctl_stream_unmap Unmap a stream
Formatted I/O
ctl_printf Print to standard output stream
ctl_puts Put string to standard output stream
ctl_stream_getchar Read single character from stream
ctl_stream_printf Print to stream
ctl_stream_read Read data from stream
ctl_stream_read_line Read line from stream
ctl_stream_vprintf Print to stream using variable argument context
ctl_stream_write Write data to stream
ctl_vprintf Print to standard output stream using variable argument context
Read-write locks
CTL_RWLOCK_t Read-write lock type
ctl_rwlock_claim_read_lock Claim read lock
ctl_rwlock_claim_write_lock Claim write lock
ctl_rwlock_init Initialize read-write lock
ctl_rwlock_read_lock Attempt to claim read lock, with timeout
ctl_rwlock_read_lock_uc Attempt to claim read lock, unconditional
ctl_rwlock_release_read_lock Release read lock
ctl_rwlock_release_write_lock Release write lock
ctl_rwlock_write_lock Attempt to claim write lock
ctl_delay Delay a number of CTL ticks
platform_spin_delay_ms Delay a number of milliseconds
platform_spin_delay_us Delay a number of microseconds
CTL_MEMORY_ALLOCATOR_t Memory allocator
ctl_system_memory_allocator System memory allocator
ctl_print_status Prints a CTL status code
ctl_task_decode_state Decode task running state
CTL_STATS_DESCRIPTOR_t A statistics descriptor
CTL_STATS_GROUP_t A statistics group
ctl_stats_group Get statistics group
ctl_stats_group_count Number of registered statistics groups
ctl_stats_print Print statistics
ctl_stats_register Register statistics group