Drivers for an ITead Studio IDB02 with an ITDB02-3.2WD LCD module.


Using the ITDB02-3.2WD LCD module requires proper configuration of the ITDB02 shield to ensure success. The LCD only functions in 16-bit mode, so all shorting blocks on the ITDB02 must be moved to the LCD_16bit side.

Unfortunately, driving the LCD in 16-bit mode utilizes all the pins on the Arduino footprint, leaving nothing free. A disappointing consequence is that you cannot use the SD card interface, nor can you use the touch screen controller.


All correct at time of writing, but as always, manufacturers love to move things around on their website.

Web page

This is the ITDB02 shield; currently only the v2 shield is offered for sale and is not compatible with the 3.2WD and SolderCore.


This is the display module, ITead Studio part number DIS012:


Test hardware

This code has been tested using a SolderCore:


API Summary

ITEAD_STUDIO_ITDB02_3v2WD_t Driver data
itead_studio_itdb02_3v2wd_fini Finalize shield
itead_studio_itdb02_3v2wd_init Initialize shield