Adafruit TFT Touch Shield README

This note covers use of the Adafruit TFT Touch Shield on platforms that prove problematic.

Using the Touch Shield on an Arduino (or compatible) and Olimexino-5510

The Adafruit TFT Touch Shield routes the system reset signal from the Arduino header direct to the LCD reset input. This is a serious problem if you intend to debug using an Arduino Uno, Olimexino-328P or Olimexino-5510 because the debugger communicates using the RESET signal: on the AVR, it's used for debugWIRE, and on the MSP430 it's used for Spy-Bi-Wire. So, you're out of luck debugging the LCD because it is continually reset when you single step! What you can do is build and program your target board, then simply reset it with the debug cable unplugged.

Using the Touch Shield on the SolderCore or Freedom Board

There are no issues using the shield with a SolderCore or Freedom Board because the debug connection does not use the reset signal.

Alternative products

The ITead Studio ITDB02 range of LCDs has LCD reset mapped to a general purpose I/O pin rather than directly to system reset, so debugging using and Arduino or Olimexino-5510 is possible.

Alternatively, consider a less pin-hungry shield, such as the SolderCore LCD Shield which runs using SPI at up to 40 MHz.