CTL_STATUS_t platform_set_digital_pin_drive_strength(int pin,
                                                     int strength);

platform_set_digital_pin_drive_strength sets the pin drive strength for digital I/O pin to strength milliamps.

If a device cannot support the pin drive strength, platform_set_digital_pin_drive_strength returns a configuration error.

The pin drive strength supported by various platforms are:

Processor Drive Strengths (mA)
STM32L1 Not configurable
STM32F1 Not configurable
STM32F4 Not configurable
LM3S 2, 4, 8
LPC1700 Not configurable
KL05Z Not configurable
KL25Z 5, 18 (assumes Vdd >= 2.7 V)
See Also

platform_set_multi_digital_pin_drive_strength, platform_digital_pin_drive_strength