This is the primary header file for sensors on a platform.

For information on the use of this API, see CrossWorks Platform Library.

The design of this API separates out all sensors into classes and each class of sensor has an individual API entry point. We do this, rather than having a general enumeration function, to conserve code and data space in linked applications. If there is a single API entry point to enumerate all sensors, for example, then the API implementation would need to link in drivers for each sensor offered by the platform irrespective of whether the client requires it or not.

API Summary

platform_configure_builtin_accelerometer Configure built-in accelerometer
platform_configure_builtin_gyroscope Configure built-in gyroscope
platform_configure_builtin_magnetometer Configure built-in magnetometer
platform_configure_builtin_humidity_sensor Configure built-in humidity sensor
platform_configure_builtin_light_sensor Configure built-in light sensor
platform_configure_builtin_pressure_sensor Configure built-in pressure sensor
platform_configure_builtin_temperature_sensor Configure built-in temperature sensor