The CrossWorks TCP/IP Library is a collection of functions and device drivers that add TCP/IP networking to your application. We have primarily designed the TCP/IP Library to work well on reduced-memory real-time embedded systems that require network connectivity, but you can equally well use the library on faster processors with more memory.

The TCP/IP Library is designed to run exclusively in the CrossWorks tasking environment; if your application doesn't use tasking and you wish to use this product then you must convert your application to run in a tasking environment which is simple enough to do. If you are using some other real time operating system, then using the TCP/IP Library is not viable and should seek a product that integrates well with your existing RTOS—or ditch that RTOS and use our excellent CTL tasking environment instead.

As you would expect, the TCP/IP Library integrates with other components in the CrossWorks Target Library. For instance, the TCP/IP Library uses the CrossWorks Mass Storage Library to store and retrieve files using FTP, or serve web pages from files in the file system. The file system and the TCP/IP Library both integrate with the CrossWorks Streams framework.