TCP/IP Library public interface.

API Summary

CTL_NET_ERROR_t Network Library errors
CTL_NET_PORT_t A network port
ctl_net_get_host_name Get host name
ctl_net_init Initialize network library
ctl_net_interface Network interface
ctl_net_set_host_name Set host name
CTL_TCP_ACCEPT_FN_t Accept callback
CTL_TCP_GEN_ISS_FN_t Initial send segment generation
CTL_TCP_GET_SOCKETS_FLAG_t Flags for enumerating sockets
CTL_TCP_SEND_FLAG_t Socket send options
CTL_TCP_SOCKET_CLOSE_TYPE_t Socket close options
ctl_soc_use_callback Assign a server callback function on a per-socket basis
ctl_soc_use_event Assign event group to socket
ctl_tcp_accept Register an accept callback for a port
ctl_tcp_bind Reserve TCP listener for TCP port
ctl_tcp_close_socket Close a socket
ctl_tcp_connect Connect a socket to port on a remote host
ctl_tcp_get_local_ip_addr Get socket's local IP address
ctl_tcp_get_local_port Get socket's local port
ctl_tcp_get_port_options Get options for a TCP port
ctl_tcp_get_remote_ip_addr Get socket's local IP address
ctl_tcp_get_remote_port Get socket's remote port
ctl_tcp_get_socket_connection_state Get socket state
ctl_tcp_get_socket_error Get socket error
ctl_tcp_get_socket_options Get socket options
ctl_tcp_get_sockets Enumerate sockets for port
ctl_tcp_init Initialize TCP layer
ctl_tcp_look_ahead Look ahead in socket data
ctl_tcp_push Push data on socket to network
ctl_tcp_read_line Read a line of text from a socket
ctl_tcp_recv Receive from socket
ctl_tcp_send Send data to socket
ctl_tcp_set_port_options Set options for a TCP port
ctl_tcp_set_socket_options Set socket options
ctl_tcp_shutdown Shut down a socket
ctl_tcp_socket Fetch a TCP socket from the pool of unused sockets
ctl_tcp_unbind Releases TCP listener resources for a TCP port
ctl_tcp_use_callback Assign a server callback function to a bound TCP port
ctl_tcp_use_event Assign a server event
CTL_UDP_CONFIGURATION_t UDP layer configuration parameters
CTL_UDP_INFO_t UDP packet information
ctl_udp_bind Register a UDP port callback
ctl_udp_init Initialize UDP layer
ctl_udp_sendto Send a UDP datagram
ctl_udp_unbind Release a UDP port callback
ctl_dhcp_init Initialize DHCP client subsystem
ctl_dhcp_lease_expire_time Get lease renewal time
ctl_dhcp_lease_rebind_time Get lease rebind time
ctl_dhcp_lease_renew_time Get lease renewal time
ctl_net_domain_name_suffix Return assigned domain name suffix
ctl_dns_get_host_by_name Look up a host name
ctl_dns_get_server Get DNS server address
ctl_dns_init Initialize DNS Client subsystem
ctl_dns_primary_server_addr Get primary DNS server address
ctl_dns_print_cache Display the DNS cache
ctl_dns_purge_cache Purge the DNS cache
ctl_dns_secondary_server_addr Get secondary DNS server address
ctl_dns_set_max_ttl Set DNS time to live
ctl_dns_set_memory_allocator Set DNS request memory allocator
ctl_dns_set_primary_server_addr Set primary DNS server IP address
ctl_dns_set_secondary_server_addr Set secondary DNS server IP address
ctl_dns_set_server Set DNS server list entry
ctl_ntp_init Initialize NTP subsystem
ctl_ntp_server_addr Return IPv4 address of NTP server
ctl_ntp_set_time_server Set IPv4 address of NTP server
ctl_icmp_init Initialize ICMP
CTL_IP_CONFIG_t IP configuration structure
CTL_NET_IPv4_ADDR_t IPv4 network address
CTL_NET_IPv4_LOCAL_BROADCAST_ADDR IP local network broadcast address
ctl_net_get_gateway_address Get gateway IP address
ctl_net_get_ip_address Get system IP address
ctl_net_get_subnet_mask Get system subnet mask
ctl_net_is_autoip_address Is an IP address a link-local Auto-IP address?
ctl_net_is_local_broadcast_address Is an IP address a local broadcast IP address?
ctl_net_is_local_ip_address Is an IP address on the local subnet?
ctl_net_is_multicast_ip_address Is an IP address a multicast IP address?
ctl_net_is_private_ip_address Is an IP address a private address?
ctl_net_is_subnet_broadcast_address Is an IP address a subnet broadcast IP address?
ctl_net_scan_dot_decimal_ip_addr Scan a dotted-decimal IPv4 address
ctl_arp_cache_entry Replace ARP cache entry
ctl_arp_clear_entry Clear ARP cache entry
ctl_arp_get_entry Get ARP cache entry
ctl_arp_get_ttl Get the ARP time to live
ctl_arp_print_cache Display the ARP cache
ctl_arp_purge_cache Purge ARP cache
ctl_arp_request_entry Generate an ARP request for an IP address
ctl_arp_set_cache_size Set maximum ARP cache size
ctl_arp_set_memory_allocator Set ARP cache memory allocator
ctl_arp_set_ttl Set ARP time to live
CTL_NET_MAC_ADDR_t Ethernet MAC address
ctl_eth_get_mac_addr Return interface's MAC address
ctl_mac_addr_is_broadcast Is this MAC address a broadcast address?
ctl_mac_addr_is_null_or_empty Is this MAC address a null address?
ctl_net_scan_mac_addr Scan a textual MAC address
ctl_net_mem_alloc_data Allocate network memory
ctl_net_mem_alloc_xmit Allocate network memory
ctl_net_mem_free Deallocate network memory
ctl_net_mem_trim Trim allocated network memory
ctl_ip_sprint_addr Convert IPv4 address to dotted decimal string
ctl_mac_sprint_addr Convert Ethernet MAC address to string
ctl_net_register_error_decoder Register network error decoder