The CrossWorks Mass Storage Library is a collection of functions and device drivers that add mass storage capability to your application. We have primarily designed the Mass Storage Library to work well on reduced-memory real-time embedded systems that require mass storage, but you can equally well use the library on faster processors with more memory.

The Mass Storage Library is designed to run exclusively in the CrossWorks tasking environment; if your application doesn't use tasking and you wish to use this product then you must convert your application to run in a tasking environment which is simple enough to do. If you are using some other real time operating system, then using the Mass Storage Library is not viable and should seek a product that integrates well with your existing RTOS—or ditch that RTOS and use our excellent CTL tasking environment instead.

As you would expect, the Mass Storage Library integrates with other components in the CrossWorks Target Library. For instance, the Mass Storage Library uses the CrossWorks Device Library to provide physical-layer I/O to devices. The Mass Storage Library both integrates with the CrossWorks Streams framework.