API Summary

CTL_MS_INVALID_CLUSTER This is a private API for the core library. Please don't use this
ctl_ms_erase_cluster_chain Erase a cluster chain and return it to the free list.
ctl_ms_start_enumeration Start directory contents enumeration.
Private functions
ctl_ms_check_volume_state Checks the state of a volume
ctl_ms_cluster_to_sector Converts a cluster number to a sector address
ctl_ms_find_fcb Get file control block for stream
ctl_ms_lock_volume Locks a volume for exclusive access
ctl_ms_read_fat_entry Reads a cluster entry from the FAT
ctl_ms_sector_to_cluster Converts a sector address to a cluster number
ctl_ms_unlock_volume Unlocks a previously-locked volume