void ctl_ms_invalidate_sector_cache_range(CTL_MS_VOLUME_t *vol,
                                          CTL_MS_LBA_t first,
                                          CTL_MS_LBA_t last);

ctl_ms_invalidate_sector_cache_range invalidates the sectors first to last inclusive on volume vol. If the sectors are marked dirty, they are not written to the media.

You can use ctl_ms_invalidate_sector_cache_range function to notify the sector cache of changes that happen outside of its control. An example of this is if you write or modify the media directly using device driver functions without going through the sector cache functions ctl_ms_read_lock_sector or ctl_ms_write_lock_sector—because the media is written without the sector cache being aware of the changes you must invalidate all the sectors in the cache that you have changed or the media will become inconsistent and you may lose data on the volume.