API Summary

Sector cache
CTL_MS_DIRENTS_PER_SECTOR There are 16 directory entries per sector.
CTL_MS_SECTOR_BUFFER_t Representation of one 512-byte sector
CTL_MS_SECTOR_SIZE There are 512 bytes per sector. We do not support media with
ctl_ms_borrow_sector_cache_memory Borrow memory from sector cache
ctl_ms_flush_sector_cache Write sector cache to media
ctl_ms_print_sector_cache Print the contents of the sector cache
ctl_ms_purge_sector_cache Purge all data from the sector cache
ctl_ms_return_sector_cache_memory Return borrowed memory to sector cache
CTL_MS_ERROR_t Mass Storage library errors
File functions
ctl_ms_close_file Close an open file
ctl_ms_create_file Create a file on a volume
ctl_ms_feof End-of-file predicate
ctl_ms_flush_file Flush all unwritten data
ctl_ms_fputc Write a character to a file
ctl_ms_ftell Read current file position
ctl_ms_get_attributes Get the attributes of a file
ctl_ms_open_file Open a file for reading or writing
ctl_ms_open_file_relative Open a file for reading or writing in a folder
ctl_ms_read_block Read a fixed-size block from a file
ctl_ms_read_char Read a single character from a file
ctl_ms_read_string Read a string from a file
ctl_ms_set_attributes Set the attributes of a file
ctl_ms_write_block Write a fixed-size block to a file
ctl_ms_write_string Write a string to a file
Folder functions
ctl_ms_change_current_folder Change the working folder
ctl_ms_create_folder Create a folder
ctl_ms_get_file_length Get the length of a file
ctl_ms_remove_folder Remove a folder
ctl_ms_rename_file Rename a file
ctl_ms_set_file_length Set the length of a file
Volume functions
ctl_ms_get_volume_label Get the volume label of a volume
ctl_ms_mount_volume Mount a super-floppy or the default partition
ctl_ms_mount_volume_at_sector Mount a volume or partition
ctl_ms_remove_file Remove a file from a volume
ctl_ms_set_volume_label Set the volume label of a volume
ctl_ms_unmount_volume Unmount a volume
ctl_ms_unused_clusters Calculate the number of unused clusters on a volume
Utility functions
ctl_ms_decode_access_time Read file last-access time from directory entry
ctl_ms_decode_attributes Read attributes from directory entry
ctl_ms_decode_create_time Read file creation time from directory entry
ctl_ms_decode_file_size Read file size from directory entry
ctl_ms_decode_modify_time Read file modification time from directory entry
ctl_ms_dos_to_timeval Convert DOS time to timeval
ctl_ms_read_sector Read a sector direct from media
ctl_ms_timeval_to_dos Convert timeval to DOS time
SD and MMC functions
ctl_ms_read_cid Read the card ID from media
ctl_ms_read_csd Read the card-specific data from media
ctl_ms_read_scr Read the SD Configuration Register from media
ctl_ms_sense_total_sectors Determine total number of sectors a volume holds
Status functions
ctl_ms_read_dirent Get information on file or directory
Global functions
ctl_ms_register_error_decoder Register mass storage error decoder with runtime
ctl_ms_update_working_directory Change working directory