Driver for an Hitachi HD4470 display.

Compatible driver chips are the Samsung KS0066 and the Seiko-Epson SED1278.


All correct at time of writing, but as always, manufacturers love to move things around on their website.



API Summary

HD44780_4BIT_INTERFACE 4-bit or 8-bit physical interface flag
HD44780_BIDIRECTIONAL_DBUS Unidirectional or bidirectional bus physical interface flag
ANSI parser
HD44780_ANSI_DRIVER_t ANSI control parser for HD44780 displays
hd44780_ansi_init Initialize LCD ANSI control sequence parser
HD44780_DRIVER_t Virtual method table for display driver
Output functions
hd44780_putc Write character to LCD
hd44780_puts Write zero-terminated string to LCD
hd44780_set_cursor_position Set cursor position
hd44780_write Write fixed-length string to LCD
Control functions
hd44780_clear Clear display
hd44780_cursor_off Turn cursor off
hd44780_cursor_on Turn cursor on
hd44780_display_off Turn display off
hd44780_display_on Turn display on
hd44780_set_backlight Set LCD backlight level
Low-level functions
hd44780_reset Reset the LCD
hd44780_send_cmd Issue low-level LCD command