Abstract parallel digital bus.

The types and functions in <ctl_i2c.h> provide a high-level set of services that implement a parallel bus.

The CrossWorks Device Library provides drivers for the following devices that implement a parallel bus but are connected using I2C or SPI:

API Summary

CTL_PARALLEL_BUS_t Abstract parallel bus interface
ctl_bus_lock Acquire exclusive bus lock
ctl_bus_lock_ex Acquire exclusive bus lock (extended)
ctl_bus_unlock Release exclusive bus lock
ctl_parallel_bus_initialize Initialize structure
ctl_bus_set_direction Set bus input-output direction
ctl_bus_set_input_mode Set selected bus bits to input direction
ctl_bus_set_output_mode Set selected bus bits to output direction
ctl_bus_read Read entire bus
ctl_bus_read_bit Read a single bit from bus
ctl_bus_write Write entire bus output
ctl_bus_write_bit Write a single bit to bus
ctl_bus_write_bits Write bits to bus through a mask