CTL_STATUS_t bma150_initialize_spi(CTL_ACCELEROMETER_t *self,
                                   CTL_SPI_DEVICE_t *dev);

bma150_initialize_spi initializes the accelerometer interface self with methods to communicate with an BMA150 accelerometer on the SPI bus associated with dev. The protocol for device dev is set to 1 MHz, 8-bit SPI mode 0. The maximum clock speed supported by the BMA150 in SPI mode is 10 MHz: you can increase the clock speed from the initial 1 MHz using ctl_spi_set_speed.

Once the accelerometer interface is initialized, you can use all standard accelerometer methods from the sensor API on the interface.

Return Value

bma150_initialize_spi returns a standard status code.

Thread Safety

bma150_initialize_spi is thread-safe if a mutex is associated with the SPI bus that dev is attached to.

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