API Summary

nb_array_data Returns a pointer to the array elements for a pointer to an object
nb_clear_flags Clear interpreter flags
nb_error_line_number The current line number that had an error in it.
nb_matrix_data Returns a pointer to the array elements for a pointer to an object
nb_string_data Returns a pointer to the string for a pointer to an object
nb_token_length_inline Returns the number of bytes occupied by the token at
NB_CORE_TOKENS Single-byte CORE module tokens
NB_PROPERTIES Property enumeration
nb_check_optional_token Checks an optional token at the token pointer
nb_check_optional_token_2 Checks an optional token at the token pointer
nb_is_end_of_line Return whether X is logically the end of the line
nb_is_end_of_statement Does token mark an end of statement?
NB_LINE_HEADER_t Line header
nb_line_t The structure of a CoreBASIC line
nb_next_line Get pointer to next line
nb_program_address Construct token pointer from program offset
nb_program_offset Construct program offset from token pointer
nb_cell_index Return the index into the object array of the cell pointer X
nb_dyadic_index Convert token to dyadic index
nb_is_zero Check-zero predicate
nb_monadic_index Converts token into monadic index
nb_signon Display CoreBASIC sign on
nb_truth_value Turns a C truth value into a CoreBASIC truth value
NB_CORE_MODULE_INDEX The index of the core module in the module array
nb_core_module The core module
nb_module_t CoreBASIC extension module definition
nb_modules The list of CoreBASIC modules
NB_INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE Maximum number of characters in CoreBASIC input buffer
NB_USE_OWN_ACOSH Choose own implementation of acosh
NB_USE_OWN_ASINH Choose own implementation of asinh
NB_USE_OWN_ATANH Choose own implementation of atanh
nb_input_buffer The CoreBASIC scratch input buffer
NB_SCRATCH_CELLS The number of objects held in scratch memory
nb_cell_index_t Cell index within CoreBASIC memory array
nb_cell_type_t Classifies an object held on the stack or in memory
nb_execute_quick_recycle Recycle unused memory
nb_execute_recycle Recycle unused memory
nb_sentinel_index The sentinel cell index
NB_TRY_CONTEXT_t Exception context
nb_current_ctx Topmost try context
nb_try Create a try block
nb_unwind_try Unwind the topmost try
nb_control_stack_item_t Control stack entry
nb_sp Expression stack pointer
nb_var_front_index Variable front index
nb_check_immediate_mode Ensure CoreBASIC in immediate mode
nb_check_program_mode Ensure CoreBASIC in program mode
nb_immediate_mode Interpreter mode
NB_ERROR_t CoreBASIC runtime errors
nb_boolean_t A Boolean value used by the interpreter
nb_flag_t Interpreter action flags
nb_flags Interpreter flags
NB_TOKEN_t CORE module token enumeration
nb_property_t Global properties
nb_token_auto Configurable AUTO token
nb_token_catalog Configurable CATALOG token
nb_token_cd Configurable CD token
nb_token_chain Configurable CHAIN token
nb_token_chdir Configurable CHDIR token
nb_token_check Configurable CHECK token
nb_token_dir Configurable DIR token
nb_token_example Configurable EXAMPLE token
nb_token_flush Configurable FLUSH token
nb_token_get Configurable GET token
nb_token_history Configurable HISTORY token
nb_token_kill Configurable KILL token
nb_token_load Configurable LOAD token
nb_token_reboot Configurable REBOOT token
nb_token_save Configurable SAVE token
nb_tokenize Tokenize text
nb_broadcast_event Broadcast event to all modules
nb_event_t CoreBASIC event notification
nb_throw_exception Throw a CoreBASIC exception
nb_print_line Print a tokenized line
nb_print_tokens Print a sequence of tokens
nb_check_stack Check available stack space
nb_push_integer Push integer to expression stack
nb_replace_float Replace top of stack with integer
nb_replace_integer Replace the top item on the stack with an integer
nb_assign_variable Assign value to a variable
nb_stringize Convert top of stack to string
nb_delete_line Delete program line
nb_delete_line_number Delete numbered line
nb_delete_token Delete single token in line
nb_find_line Finds numbered line
nb_first_line Return first line in program
nb_fix_program_object Fix up program object after editing
nb_join_lines Join lines
nb_line_number_referenced Is line referenced?
nb_program_end Return end of program
nb_program_size Program size in bytes
nb_replace_line Replace program line