About the CrossWorks CoreBASIC Library

The CrossWorks CoreBASIC Library is an application that makes extensive use of the software components in the CrossWorks Target Library.

The components that CoreBASIC Library uses are:


The CrossWorks CoreBASIC Library is one part of the CrossWorks Target Library. Many of the low-level functions provided by the target library are built using features of the CrossWorks Tasking Library for multi-threaded operation.

Delivery format

The CrossWorks CoreBASIC Library is delivered in source form.


The source files in this package are not public domain and are not open source. They represent a substantial investment undertaken by Rowley Associates to assist CrossWorks customers in prototyping solutions using well-written, tested drivers.

Should you wish to incorporate CoreBASIC in a product, you will need to purchase a Commercial Use license for CoreBASIC.


This facility is a work in progress and may undergo rapid change. If you have comments, observations, suggestions, or problems, please feel free to air them on the CrossWorks Target and Platform API discussion forum.